TWC has made leaps and bounds in the Olympic Weightlifting circuit. With the success of the club, and it’s ever growing member-base — you won’t want to be apart of anything else! Our club is registered with the Ontario Weightlifting Association allowing members for the potential of high level competition both local and abroad. This club is the perfect way to hone in on technical skills while growing within the every inviting community. New at Olympic Weightlifting? No need to worry, we accept all levels of fitness, all you need is a desire and passion to learn and we will take care of the rest. Please message us through the Free Trial form, or email for inquires/questions:

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checklist-800x531.pngOur Weightlifting program follows dynamic forms of movement that hone in on the ability to work at your best Olympic Weightlifting potential! Tedious amounts of accessory work and hours of countless movement standards will allow for maximal growth. New members have felt confidence to compete in a matter of months of training! What will your potential & hard work lead too next? Allow us to help you reach that sooner. Message us today to start!


downloadThe schedule at Tadhana allows for 3 days of work ranging from 60-90 minute sessions. Our coaches are versed in finite technique adjustments so the more times a week training, the better! We currently have Monday & Wednesday evenings at 7pm with a Saturday session at 11am. Due to the high volume of interest in our program. New classes will be added for September, so stay tuned for more details – we will be posted new schedule ASAP!


downloadAs fitness and health has been the forefront of opening up this gym, we know that not everyone who wants to train, also wants to Compete. We put our members first, their needs & goals are what keeps the community alive! Tadhana Weightlifting Club wants to keep all avenues of personal growth an option. We are a registered Club with the Ontario Weightlifting Association that allows members and athletes to grow internally & externally. Our coaches will stand by you throughout training & competition 100% of the way! Come in and see what the future holds for you, your potential is endless, come in & chat today!



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